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Drive business growth with rural America marketing insights

Are you ready for actionable marketing insight you can apply to help you reach, connect and convert rural American consumers? Hop in the front seat as you’ll be riding shotgun with Cliff Callis, your OUTdrive host, as he takes you down the road to success.

Feb 8, 2022

The Lake of the Ozarks flew under the radar for many years, and was considered a hidden gem for those that knew about it. That was until May 2020, when viral videos during the pandemic made headlines and popularity of the Netflix series Ozark brought attention from around the world to the mid-Missouri oasis. The media coverage drove hundreds of thousands of clicks to the Lake of the Ozarks website and had a huge impact on marketing. In this episode of OUTdrive, Cliff sat down with Eric Homan, the web administrator for the Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau, to talk about marketing strategy and tactics along with new technologies emerging in the tourism industry. 

Eric has served as the web administrator at the Convention and Visitors Bureau for 18 years. In his role, Eric manages the website and leads the digital marketing efforts for the lake. He works closely with the board of directors and Missouri Department of Tourism to implement new messaging and campaigns across digital platforms. Eric earned his degree in computer programming and web development from State Fair Community College. A Smithton, Missouri native, Eric worked for his family’s livestock and pet food business for several years where he was tasked with running the accounting software along with delivering feed. 

Tune in to this episode to learn more about what goes into marketing a popular vacation spot. From resorts and waterfront restaurants to hiking and fishing, the Lake of the Ozarks has it all, and more. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Eric’s role as the web administrator for the Lake of the Ozarks CVB and his non-traditional path to computer programming 
  • The positive and negative feedback and attention that came out of the pandemic for the Lake of the Ozarks 
  • What new strategies and messaging the CVB has used in recent years to connect people to their vacation guides, which is their primary marketing tool
  • How the popularity of the Netflix series Ozark has impacted the Lake of the Ozarks marketing and tourism
  • Details behind the new trends and uses of technology, such as virtual reality, in the tourism industry and how the CVB goes about taking on a new marketing platform
  • How the Missouri Department of Tourism supports and helps fund marketing for the Lake of the Ozarks
  • What Eric enjoys about his job and his advice for someone looking to go into the computer programming field