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Drive business growth with rural America marketing insights

Are you ready for actionable marketing insight you can apply to help you reach, connect and convert rural American consumers? Hop in the front seat as you’ll be riding shotgun with Cliff Callis, your OUTdrive host, as he takes you down the road to success.

Aug 10, 2020

Drew McLellan has led a successful career specializing in serving small to mid sized marketing agencies. Currently residing in Des Moines, Iowa, Drew runs two successful businesses, Agency Management Institute (AMI) and McLellan Marketing Group (MMG). Through AMI he serves more than 250 small to midsize agencies in his niche, helping them build their business to be sustainable, scalable and profitable. He founded McLellan Marketing Group in 1995 and has been providing results for clients for over 25 years. Drew is also a recognized author, blogger, webinar host and podcast host.

A Minnesota native, Drew gathered professional and life experience living in several states, including New York and Florida, before returning to his Midwest roots and settling in Des Moines. There, he founded his agency and has continued to expand his portfolio, with recent appearances in the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week and Fortune’s Small Business. He received a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota in journalism, psychology and english literature.

Hear Drew and Cliff’s thoughts on identifying and serving niche markets, the power of positioning yourself or business as an authority with content marketing, what’s on the horizon with the artificial intelligence marketing trend and creating opportunities from challenges by taking small risks.

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What You'll Learn

  • Identifying opportunities to niche down
  • Capitalizing on opportunities that compliment existing skills and allow room for growth
  • Leveraging your business as an authority in a niche with content marketing
  • The benefits of serving a niche and long term profitability
  • How AI, Artificial Intelligence, is similar to a car, and how AI tools can help you be faster and more efficient
  • More about the hard work and hustle that leads to career success
  • How Drew genuinely supports and helps others to reach their full potential
  • Ways core values of the rural American lifestyle influence urban areas and vice versa
  • The importance of peer support for continued business development
  • Achieving business growth by capitalizing on opportunities presented by challenges