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Drive business growth with rural America marketing insights

Are you ready for actionable marketing insight you can apply to help you reach, connect and convert rural American consumers? Hop in the front seat as you’ll be riding shotgun with Cliff Callis, your OUTdrive host, as he takes you down the road to success.

Jun 1, 2021

Clean energy sources are increasingly popular in today’s society, and the mobile power industry is an area in which many are working to improve. In this episode of OUTdrive, Cliff visits with Chuck Justus, founder of Evergreen Mobile Power and Green2Go Rental Power, about innovation in the mobile power industry and strategically filling gaps in the marketplace.

Chuck has always been interested in mechanical and electrical engineering and gained experience with Fabick Power Systems, where he played a vital role in implementing large-scale power systems. During his time with the company, he recognized a need for cleaner alternatives for mobile power supply and founded Evergreen Mobile Power. He began developing innovative, environmentally friendly portable power systems and hasn’t looked back. Today, his two companies offer mobile power and lighting solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Tune in as Cliff and Chuck discuss eco-friendly alternatives to traditional power sources and the challenge of increasing brand awareness in a unique niche. They also discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the mobile power industry, the many applications for Evergreen Mobile Power and Green2Go Rental Power products and what the future of power looks like. Check it out!

What you'll learn: 

  • What inspired Chuck to start his own company and create cleaner, more efficient power sources
  • The importance of conducting market research and finding solutions to meet gaps in different industries
  • More about the innovative products that Evergreen Mobile Power and Green2Go Rental Power offer customers today
  • Insight into the trial and error process that Chuck has gone through while developing new products
  • Creative ways to increase brand awareness and challenge the status quo
  • The effects of COVID-19 on the mobile power industry and the exciting things in store for 2021
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the history and family values that Chuck built his businesses upon
  • More about new products and continuous innovation in the mobile power industry