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Drive business growth with rural America marketing insights

Are you ready for actionable marketing insight you can apply to help you reach, connect and convert rural American consumers? Hop in the front seat as you’ll be riding shotgun with Cliff Callis, your OUTdrive host, as he takes you down the road to success.

Apr 12, 2022

There is no shortage of beef producers in Central Missouri, but Brook and Larry White of White Angus Ranch are doing things a little different: raising grass-finished beef. Unlike “grass-fed” beef, “grass-finished” means corn and grain are never part of the animal’s diet,  resulting in a leaner product. In this episode of OUTdrive, Cliff sits down with the Whites to learn more about their business, passion for customer service, and commitment to consistent quality in both their product and their brand.

In 2010, Brooke and Larry White purchased a plot of land and moved their cattle from Nebraska to Missouri, formally establishing White Angus Ranch. After selling products exclusively to neighbors, in 2013 the Whites decided to make raising beef a full-time business and get involved with local markets. White Angus Ranch specializes in raising premium quality, Black Angus Cattle, for grass-fed and finished beef sales. The Whites are active vendors in the Sedalia Area Farmers’ Market, Camdenton Farmers’ Market, and the Pulaski County Farmers’ Market. In 2016 they launched their website and online presence to sell their products online, shipping beef across the country.  

Tune into this episode to hear the story behind White Angus Ranch and what you can do to help support local farmers, producers, and farmers’ market vendors in your community. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Background on the White family and the story behind White Angus Ranch and their grass-finished operation
  • How they got involved with local farmers' markets and what it takes to be a consistent vendor
  • The community, relationships, and partnerships the Whites have formed by being involved in farmers’ markets
  • How the farmers’ markets themselves help market their products and business, primarily through social media
  • Some of the other ways the Whites market their products and business outside of local markets and their emphasis on branding
  • What sets the Whites apart from other beef producers in central Missouri
  • The characteristics of rural America and the importance of supporting the lifestyle
  • The short story of how the Whites became Boston Red Sox fans